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Sapphire Studios Becomes DCD’s Latest Gem

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(Timonium, MD) — (June 11, 2019) — Effective immediately, ComicWow!, a marketing sector of Diamond Comic Distributors (DCD), is rebranding themselves as Sapphire Studios. Since its inception in August of 2011, ComicWow! has undergone many changes.  Originally founded as a social media site, it eventually shifted into a comic industry news forum. After being acquired by DCD in 2015, ComicWow! transformed into the full-blown multi-media production department it is today. The name ComicWow! will be retained, but as ComicWow! Productions, which is reserved for select original content.

As Sapphire Studios, the department will continue to facilitate and develop content for the following: Game Trade Media, PREVIEWSworld, Toychest, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), Halloween ComicFest, and ComicWow! Productions.

Why the change?  “The current name ComicWow! became too limiting as far as how our department was seen,” explains Sapphire Studios founder and President Josh Geppi. “We needed something more universal, but a name that also fit the theme of our family of companies.  What compliments a diamond better than a sapphire?” Sapphire also happens to be Geppi’s birthstone.

Sapphire Studios provides cutting edge marketing opportunities for not only its DCD-affiliated companies, but outside companies as well. "From video and graphics to voice over content, Sapphire Studios is a fully faceted facility for all your digital media marketing needs," notes Production Manager Rick Ankney.

“With a keen eye on future technology and communication,” proclaims Geppi, “our focus is to create high-quality content that gets noticed.”

Sapphire Studios are based in Timonium, Maryland.
Slogan:  Sapphire Studios: “We make YOU shine.”