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Diamond Adjusts Product Release Compliance Policy for Midnight Releases

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Retailers planning Premier Publisher sponosred midnight release parties should note that Diamond, in concert with its publishers, will now allow all product carrying an in-store date of that week's event to go on sale at midnight. The change should alleviate retailer confusion on what products may be put out for sale and from having to seek approval from individual publishers for their product during each midnight release.

The change goes into effect starting with Marvel Comics' Absolute Carnage #1 midnight release event, which means retailers can sell all product carrying an August 7 in-store release date during the event.

"We’ve worked with our publishing partners to clarify the policy on midnight releases in a way we think is best for retailers, saving them the trouble of asking individual publishers about wether their product can put on sale for an upcoming midnight release event," said Diamond VP-Retailer Services Chris Powell. "Now, unless a publisher specifically asks for their product not to go on sale, retailers can put all product with that week's release date out for sale at their midnight release events."

Retailers with additional questions or comments on this policy change should contact Diamond’s Retailer Services Department to provide their feedback.