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Once, comic books were sold solely in newsstands, drugstores, and other mass market locations. This made them available only sporadically, frustrating regular readers who wanted to keep up with their favorite titles on a monthly basis.

In the late 1970s, however, the minimal discounts and unpredictable nature of newsstand comics distribution gave way to a new method of distribution - one which offered retailers better discounts on comics they purchased on a non-returnable basis.

Since then, comics readership has grown dramatically, along with the range of comics-inspired or related products. Comic book dealers have evolved into full-scale entertainment retailers, offering customers a full spectrum of comic books, graphic novels, trading cards, toys, games, videos, models, apparel, and more!

Plus, comics have stood at the vanguard of many of the hottest media and licensing trends, providing inspiration for properties ranging from Batman to Spider-man and expanding the universes of other hits with licensed comics based on films like Star Wars and Star Trek, TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and international phenomena like Dragon Ball and Naruto.

The comics medium continues to expand into these areas, as does the base of potential comics consumers - and Diamond is there to help retailers and suppliers grow with the market!