Internet Sales Coordinator (DIG)

Internet Sales Coordinator


While an Internet Sales Coordinator is expected to contribute in many ways to the sale of items within the Diamond International Galleries (DIG) auction and online store systems, typical responsibilities include the following:


  • Collect and analyze data with regard to items found within the collections stored in the DIG warehouse
  • Conduct item reviews for condition, dimensions, and overall online store listing attributes
  • Prepare fully completed and researched listings for submission to DIG’s eBay Store, DIG’s Website Store, DIG’s Marketplace on Amazon, and assist with DIGAuction.com sales platform. This includes photographing and cropping pictures for any of the mentioned sales platforms as instructed
  • Reviewing, ordering, receiving, inventorying, and listing items for sale from the monthly “Few of a Kind” (FOAK) product list that is provided by DCD’s corporate Sales Department
  • Prepare, maintain, and update website materials, DIG Online Webstore (currently the Shopify platform) listings, eBay Store, Amazon Marketplace databases and utilize FOAK list inventory for sales across all three platforms
  • Prepare reports on an as needed basis regarding individual items which will include such information as provenance, revenue expectations from the sale of the item(s), and any background information that would be helpful in listing the item through DIG’s eBay auction portal, for example
  • Develop and maintain industry contacts that can be called or contacted for item background information and provenance
  • Maintain accurate records of items researched, listed, and sold. Conduct review of database of these items when required or requested to do so by management
  • Prepare materials for management review with regard to listed items
  • Provide access to Internet Sales Agents, in need of item research and review of findings, which will be done on an “as available” basis
  • Request or acquire equipment or supplies necessary for any assigned review projects
  • Manage and respond to email related to DIG online sales platforms and management directives
  • Attend sales meetings
  • Summarize research results
  • Prepare progress reports, as requested, for Sales Manager and DIG President
  • Prepare other reports and presentations, as requested or when needed
  • Monitor and maintain proper work expectations as outlined by DIG which currently include but are not additionally limited to: Resolution and Relisting of ISAs eBay unsold items, Monitoring and winning the “buy box” on DIG’s Amazon Marketplace, products, or sales objectives, and consistent “tightening” of inventory within the warehouse to provide needed space for storage of collections, unsold items, or other currently non-specified inventory items
  • Close attention to detail, Critical Thinking, and excellent communication skills must be exercised in relation to job responsibilities
  • All other duties as assigned


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