Shipping Manager (Hake's)

Hake’s Auctions


LOCATION:      York, Pennsylvania

POSITION:      Shipping Manager

DATE:                December 2019

REPORTS TO:  President of Hake’s Auctions



Principal duties for this position are divided into Administrative, Production, Customer Service and Special Projects functions regarding the operation of the Hake’s Auctions unit of Diamond International Galleries.



Primary duties include the responsibility of coordinating all shipping and receiving operations at the location and inventorying and purchasing all shipping materials.


Shipping and receiving duties include understanding the grade, value, sturdiness, delicacy, and special considerations of all collectibles shipped on one of a kind non-replaceable items that should be handled, packed and shipped as such. Additional duties in this area include filing damage claims with the appropriate shipping company, preparing mailing list and mailing auction catalogs, comparing contents packed/received for shipping to billing/packing documents, noting any condition or content deviations from lists, following up on deviations and resolving them as appropriate, and coordinating activities with other staff.

Duties in this area also include developing, maintaining and advancing relationships with shipping providers and other subsidiary functions related to packaging and shipping supplies.



Duties in this area include providing assistance in the various areas of production for auction and sales catalogs and other publications such as checking in numbering items for an auction, setting the order of items for catalog layout and assist in other tasks to ensure deadlines are met. Working knowledge of pop culture collectibles and Americana, as well as the history of items and values is also needed, as is the ability to research items to see if they fit the criteria needed to be included in an auction. Previous experience in selling collectibles at shows and online is essential.


*Customer Service

Duties in this area include assisting in Customer Relations, including but not limited to entering telephone bids during auctions and providing additional information to customers beyond what is available in catalogs or on the internet. Will also interact with consignors to coordinate the shipment of any returning items.


*Special Projects

Duties also include responding to any request made by the President, including being able to set up, tear down and staff a booth at various comic book conventions and collectibles trade shows, picking up collections from remote locations and properly pack and transport those items as well as maintaining Hake’s eBay listings and internet only auctions via Hake’s website. This requires taking photos of all items, pricing and describing them, and shipping the items. Also responsible for all customer service aspects as related to eBay. As such, a strong background as a collector/dealer is needed for all non-shipping aspects of the job.

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